Easy and Simple Way to Manage

Your Mobile Home Park

The only cloud-based software

for the Mobile Home Park Owner

Pad Rent

Record All Rent Payment on Cloud and the Park Owner can check the Rent Collection anytime from anywhere.

The specially designed digital receipt and the bank deposit confirming procedure can avoid any fraud intention.

Tenant Document

Keep All Your Documents Organized and save on Cloud.

You can retrieve them with a few clicks when you need them.

Rountine Works

Handle All park works Efficiently, include Urgent Issues, Scheduled Job and Upkeep Work. All expenses will be sorted clearly.


Our Reputation Is Immaculate

“I own a Mobile Home Park and it is located far away from my city. My friend recommended EzMHP.com to me and I have used this website for over two years. It allows me to easily manage my park remotely and online.  EzMHP.com is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. When my on-site manager collected the rent and recorded it with EzMHP.com, I would be able to check the rent collection through the software at any time and anywhere. All the tenancy-related documents can be organized and saved in the cloud software, it is easy to retrieve the records online. It can also generate the electronic rent receipt with QR code which will batch the payment confirmation procedure to avoid fraud activities. I am very pleased to use EzMHP.com.”

Alvin L. (MHP Owner)

“I am a Park Manager and handle a medium size Mobile Home Park. I started to use EzMHP.com a few years ago. As its name, EzMHP.com is very easy to operate for me. The interface is obviously clear and I can follow the color to deal with the tenant who needs to pay attention. The built-in bill and coin calculator is awesome and it helps me a lot when I am going to deposit the collected pad rent. I definitely LOVE EzMHP.com.”

Lori Johnson (MHP Manager)

“As a supervisor, I manage a dozen of Mobile Home Parks for the company. I started to use EzMHP.com from its beginning. As I know that the designer of EzMHP.com was an IT senior engineer, but also owns a Mobile Home Park. He develops this software to deal with his business and this is why EzMHP.com can handle all the demands for the Mobile Home Park. For example, we usually sell the park owns Mobile Home to the tenant via a Rent to Own contract. Before, I have to go through all the payment receipts to do a calculation when the tenant inquiries about the remaining principal. With EzMHP.com now, I just need to click twice to get the answer right away, it is very convenient. I highly recommend EzMHP.com to all Mobile Home Park Owners.”

Wuyan Lee (MHP Supervisor)